Sunday, 25 September 2016

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RID Solicits Requests For Information (RFI) for Groundwater Cleanup.
Information for Contractors & Suppliers. (4.54 MB PDF)
For more information about the project, please visit
RID participates in groundwater cleanup project to secure clean water for West Valley
The Roosevelt Irrigation District (RID) has been managing water resources in Phoenix's  West Valley since the 1920s.  We take our responsibilities as a steward of this vital resource very seriously. As you may already know, one of the largest plumes of contaminated groundwater in the United States is located just West of downtown Phoenix. Until these contaminants are removed and the water is treated, this vital asset cannot be used to serve the needs of the Valley's growing population.  The Roosevelt Irrigation District intends to change all that.

RID has developed a plan for a comprehensive cleanup program, designed to remove industrial pollutants from approximately 30,000 acre feet of groundwater per year, making this valuable resource safe and available for public use.

A number of organizations have been identified as parties who are potentially responsible for this contamination.  RID has asked these organizations to step up, accept responsibility and pay their fair share of the costs that will be necessary to clean up the groundwater.  We realize that our actions may attract some attention and we wanted everyone affected to be aware of what we are trying to achieve.  As we work to restore water resources to the West Valley, water service will not be impacted in any way and our customers can expect continued high quality service.

Details are available at
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